Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it for delivery?

There are many factors that could affect the price of deliver, but the main factor normally is distance and volume of material for delivery request.

How long until you can deliver?

In some occasions Dump Truck International, Inc. could take a couple weeks before you get your free request fulfilled, but if your patient you will save yourself money. The dirt is free; all you pay is for the delivery. If you need the dirt delivered with urgency and you are willing to pay for the dirt and the deliveries, submit your request or call us at 713-723-8000 for an immediate quote.

Do you provide the dozer to spread the dirt?

No unfortunately we will not provide you with the dozer for free there will be a charge per load or for the entire job being done.

Can I pick-up the dirt from the locations?

No,  only Authorized personnel that are licensed and experienced  are allowed at the dirt yard.

How do I pay you for the delivery?

Our clients pay for half of the amount of loads that are being requested for the project and once the job is done the other half will be due. In some special cases, we will require for you to pay full balance as soon as job is completed.

Do you offer any other services for commercial customers?

Yes, we specialize on commercial customers. We can handle your full project  including the land clearing work, excavation, and trucking services all under one price.

How many yards come in a dump truck load?

In a dump truck load there is usually 12 – 14 yards of dirt in it when loaded.

Will you contact me once you are ready to deliver?

Yes, we will contact you a day before, so you can prepare your property for the delivery.

Does the dirt have concrete in it?

In some occasions the dirt will have small amounts of concrete when we say small we mean sizes from ½ to 1 ½ if there is larger sizes we will separate it once the dirt is spread.

What’s the maximum amount of loads I can ask for?

There is no maximum or minimum amount, when we have the amount of loads you need. We will contact you even if it’s less then the amount you need.

Is the dirt really free?

Yes, The dirt is free.  All you will pay is for the delivery.

How do I know what kind of dirt I will need?

On the day that we contact you, we will ask questions about what you want to do with the dirt. All dirt delivered to you will grow grass.

Do you also do Retention Ponds?

We do all jobs from retention pond to warehouses and metal buildings any work you need done our company can do it.

Do you deliver crushed concrete?

Yes, but the crushed concrete IS NOT FREE if you need it you will have to request it. We will give you a price for the material and the delivery.

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